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On the 1st of August 12pm, was launch via the website.

After 5 years of research and 3 rounds of closed launches, we open our doors and let the public have access to our products. Sachi’s Soy Wine is the first of its kind. It is an easy to drink, low calorie, high antioxidant, gluten free soy based alcoholic beverage.

Do get your hands on our soy wine, limited to 1000 bottles on our website, Follow us on our Instagram and Facebook @drinksachi for exciting new products that we have in store for you too!

We hope that you will enjoy our drinks, join our community and make it the drink of our generation together!


The Straits Times, is an English-language daily broadsheet newspaper based in Singapore currently owned by Singapore Press Holdings.

SinFooTech was featured on the online platform and on print as part of the PARLIAMENT: Debate on Ministries’ Budgets: Trade and Industry.

The article covered Senior Ministers of State, Mr Chee Hong Tat and Dr. Koh Poh Koon’s visit to SinFooTech’s Laboratory in Tuas, Singapore.

As part of the government’s support for deep tech companies’ in the circular economy, SinFooTech received support from the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Enterprise Singapore and Singapore Customs, for example, in the form of grants and link-ups with partners and suppliers.

Special thanks to all MTI officers and our media friends for being there for our technology demonstration as part of our collaboration with MTI.

For more details, please refer to the article in the link below:


SinFooTech’s mention on the Parliaments’ Supply Budget Speech was nicely organized and featured by MothershipSG’s facebook page and instagram.

They featured Senior Ministers of State Dr Koh Poh Koon and Mr Chee Hong Tat’s mentions of our business and technology.

Want to know what was mentioned and said? Check out Mothership’s Facebook and Instagram links below:



S'porean Startup produces alcohol using Tau Huay by-product

Drinking tau huay now

Posted by on Wednesday, March 4, 2020

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Brb drinking tau huay now.

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Sinfootech was featured by MediaCorp Channel 8, Singapore’s Market Leader in Chinese News and Entertainment.

The caption in Chinese reads: Capitalizing in a circular economy, supported by government initiatives. It describes Sinfootech’s effort of commercialization in the Circular Economy, as well as some government initiatives that helped in our journey to commercilization.


文章报道:循环经济创造商机 政府助企业捉住契机,描述幸福科技利用科技在食品制造业的循环经济中制造商机,也说到政府的一些补助帮助企业捉住契机。


For details, do watch the clip and read article in the link below:


SinFooTech was mentioned by Senior Minister of State, Mr Chee Hong Tat at the Global Restaurant Leadership Conference 2019!

SMS Chee is part of the Pro-Enterprise Panel at MTI and has been interested in SinFooTech’s waste valorisation efforts.

For more information on the details, you may click on the below link:

Food Tank, a non-profit organisation focused on the building of a “global community for safe, healthy, nourished eaters”, recently featured “Sachi” in an article on companies that have developed innovative alcoholic beverages produced from food waste.

Spanning the likes of whiskeys made from stale bagels, to vodkas made from baked goods (and of course, Sachi, which is made from soy whey, a by-product of tofu manufacture), the article offers exciting insights into a new segment of sustainably-produced alcoholic beverage products that are great for the environment and pleasing to the taste buds at the same time.

Check out the article through the link below:

Keen to understand more about the food innovation landscape in Asia, and how it will transform the way that we eat in the next few years to come?

Join us at the FIA Food for the Future Summit 2019! The second edition of the summit will see global leaders across the food and beverage value chain, encompassing CEOs from multinational and Asia-based food companies, food innovators, government bodies, experts from NGOs and academic sectors, come together for engaging discussions on the themes of Sustainability, Wellness and Convenience in the food and beverage industry.

The summit will be held on 25 April 2019 (Thursday), at Marina Bay Sands – for more information on the summit, do check out their website below:

We hope to see you there!

SinFooTech’s Chief Technology Officer, Chua Jian Yong, and the company’s Technical Advisor, Dr. Liu Shao Quan, were recently featured in an article published in Volume 21, Issue 06 of New Food Magazine. Titled “Unlocking Additional Value From Soybeans via the Circular Economy”, the article showcases the soy whey fermentation technology that Jian Yong and Dr. Liu co-developed at the National University of Singapore. The article also discusses how the two main by-products of soymilk/tofu manufacture, okara and soy whey, can be upcycled to create new and innovative food and beverage products, thereby demonstrating the value and importance of a resource-efficient, circular economy in the food manufacturing industry.

The article can be accessed through the following link:

SinFooTech has been invited to participate in the 8th Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference organised by Leave A Nest, as an exhibitor and technology presenter.

To be held in Tokyo, the conference takes place from 8th March 2019 till 9th March 2019, from 9.00am till 6.00pm for both days, at the Bellesalle Shinjuku Grand Conference Center.

The Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference will see renowned international business leaders and researchers come together to discuss global issues and challenges that will have a significant impact on mankind’s way of life in the coming years.

SinFooTech’s Chief Technology Officer, Chua Jian Yong, will also be taking part in a food technology panel discussion on the latest developments in the food technology sector, and how these developments will shape the future of food production and consumption.

For more information on the event, please visit the following URL:

SinFooTech has been invited to participate at the 2019 Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference (Singapore), as a technology presenter and exhibitor.

Organised by Leave A Nest, the conference takes place on 16 February 2019, from 9.00am till 5.30pm at the Suntec City Convention Centre. The theme for the conference is “Solving Global Urban Challenges”, and will see renowned business leaders and researchers come together to discuss global issues and challenges that will have a significant impact on mankind’s way of life in the coming years.

The conference will be split into three segments, with the first dealing with the theme of “Water, Environment and Energy”,  while the second segment will involve topics pertaining to “Healthcare, AI, Big Data”. The third and final segment of the conference will revolve around the theme of “Food, Agri and Biotechnology”, and SinFooTech will be presenting on “Sachi” and its patented fermentation technology during the conference’s third segment.

For more information on the event, please visit the following URL:

Keen to find out more about SinFooTech and “Sachi”? Do drop by Suntec City Convention Centre Room 310-311 tomorrow – we look forward to seeing you there!